Heating Oil

LITRO is right beside the customer, offering warmth this year, always with the best quality heating oil at the best market price. Contact LITRO’s station and place your order easily and quickly to benefit from:

  • The most competitive market prices
  • Excellent quality and guaranteed delivery quantity
  • Payment options with credit cards
  • Execution of your order at your convenience, in consulation with us

The Oikoplus Heating Oil by REVOIL that we supply is the most modern, reliable and economical heating solution because it ensures:

  • Increased efficiency due to improved combustion: achieve the same thermal result with less oil than the conventional methods.
  • Energy savings due to cleaner burner: reduce soot deposits on the burner walls. Existing deposits are removed quickly.
  • Cost savings on burner cleaning and maintenance: no more tough deposits or sticky soot layers. Burner walls are covered with a thin, dry residue that is easily removed
  • Fewer emissions, significant reduction in pollutant emissions: improved combustion reaction minimizes emissions.
  • Reduced foaming for better tank filling control.


Diesel Fuel

LITRO with professional integrity in the field of diesel fuel distribution offers services meeting European standards and prioritizes the correct delivery of diesel fuel. We supply diesel fuel with the certified fuel quality of REVOIL.

Customer satisfaction is our primary goal. Our philosophy is based on quality, professionalism and customer satisfaction. Our years of experience in fuel and lubricant management, our specialized staff and our pioneering management method allow LITRO to consistently provide quality solutions for our customers.


Marine fuel

For the past 12 years, LITRO has been active in the yachting industry, serving all marinas in Attica and, upon request throughout Greece, offering duty-free fuel. We have our own tanks and serve the customer-professional directly from the refineries.

In 2014, after much personal effort, we managed to surpass 1,000,000 liters of duty-free diesel distribution. Due to customer requests, we decided to expand into marine fuel, taking our first steps in 2015.

Meanwhile, our professionalism, speed, accurate fuel delivery and consistency have established us as a leading player in the industry.



At LITRO, we offer the ideal facilities for the maintenance and care of your vehicle, with separate areas for car and motorcycle washing, as well as lubrication center. Our facilities are integrated with our richly equipped store, where you can find a full range of REVOIL lubricants, as well as windshield wipers, floor mats, car air fresheners and many other car care accessories. We have experienced staff for oil changes, car washing and a unit for biological cleaning that ensures thorough cleanliness for your vehicle. Our years of experience in car lubrication and cleaning , along with our specialized staff, allow LITRO to consistently provide quality solutions for our customers.

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