The Unleaded XTRA4 95, with its fully synthetic special additive, minimizing the deposition of combustion residues and thus the need to increase the octane number. The cleansing compounds it contains, effectively remove existing deposits from injectors, cylinders and valves, resulting in improved engine operation, with consistently high performance and reduced emissions. The anticorrosive and demulsifying agents it contains, effectively protect the entire fuel supply network from corrosion and general damages, thereby increasing the engine’s lifespan, significantly limiting maintenance expenses and allowing for optimal operation. This special additive is compatible with gasoline containing bioethanol admixture.


The Super Unleaded XTRA4 100 octane with its special additives, prevents the deposition of combustion residues and contains special cleansing and anticorrosive compounds that achieve:

  • Consistently high performance and improved engine operation
  • Cleaning and protection of the cylinder and valves
  • Significant reduction of mechanical friction
  • Effective cleaning of deposits from injectors and intake valves


REVOIL in collaboration with the National Technical University of Athens and International Research Centres, has developed the new enriched Unleaded 95 Revolution gasoline.

With the new Revolution gasoline, which you will find exclusively at the red pumps of REVOIL stations, you will be benefit by:

  • Effective removal of deposits from the carburettor, the fuel injection system, valves, and the intake manifold
  • Clean fuel supply system (keep clean and clean-up)
  • Protection against oxidation and corrosion – Improvement of engine oil lubricating ability
  • Surprising acceleration without noise and improvement of engine cold start


Diesel XTRA4 contains a cetane number improver, antifoaming agent, detergent, anticorrosive and a special demulsifier, ensuring:

  • Reduced fuel consumption by removing injector system deposits
  • Cleanliness of injectors, improving engine performance
  • Reduction of engine noise by approximately 2Db
  • Protection of the diesel fuel system from corrosion, thus offering maintenance cost reduction
  • Increased engine lifespan and improved driving conditions


REVOIL in collaboration with the National Technical University of Athens and International Research Centres, has introduced the specially enriched Diesel Revolution. The diesel market by the panther.

With REVOIL’s Diesel Revolution, you gain:

  • Engine longevity & protection against oxidation and corrosion
  • Smoother operation and reduced maintenance costs
  • Maximum antifungal protection
  • Enhanced performance and economy
  • Increased cetane number for greater efficiency
  • Clean injectors for better diesel combustion


At LITRO’s store you can find a wide variety of lubricants for every use, backed by REVOILS’s guarantee.

  • Gasoline engines
  • Light diesel engines
  • Motorcycles & Scooters
  • Diesel engines
  • Agricultural machinery
  • Gear oils for differentials
  • Automatic transmissions
  • Drivetrain systems
  • Specialized products


We offer propane gas cylinders, firewood and charcoal. Delivery to your location is available upon telephone order.

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